Bhu Naksha Bihar 2024: Check Bhu naksha bhulekh bihar online

Bhu Naksha Bihar:- Almost all state governments across the country are providing the facility for their landowners to view the maps of their land and agricultural plots online. Similarly, the Revenue and Land Reforms Department of Bihar is offering the convenience of online access to landowners in the state to view the Bihar land map. Through this service, any landowner in Bihar can easily visit, view and download the original map of their land using the Khasra number, saving citizens both time and money, eliminating the need to visit tehsils or government offices. Today, in this article, we will guide you through the process of viewing Bhu Naksha Bihar online.

Bhu Naksha Bihar 2024

The National Informatics Centre has designed the Bhunaksha Bihar web application ( to enable citizens of Bihar to easily view and download land maps online. Through this web application, any citizen of Bihar can now, from the comfort of their home, effortlessly check the maps of their land, including agricultural and cultivation areas, in just 5 minutes. They can also find information about the total area, dimensions, and shape of their land. The online availability of Bhu Naksha Bihar also assists buyers in verifying the validity of land records online. This measure helps in preventing fraudulent activities related to land in the state and makes it easier for the government to take action against land mafias.

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Details Of Bhu Naksha Bihar

Topic: Bhu Naksha Bihar A Glimpse into Land Mapping
Related Department Revenue and Land Reforms Department, Bihar
Year 2024
Beneficiaries All landowners in Bihar
Objective Facilitating online viewing and downloading of land maps
Category of Service Bihar Government Service
Official Website

Bihar land map available on web application

The following services are provided to the citizens of Bihar on this portal.

  • View the online map of the land.
  • Download the map of Bihar
  • . Edit the map of the land.

purpose of land map bihar

The main objective of providing this facility online is to show and facilitate the downloading of land maps in a few minutes for the landowners in Bihar. This enables them to connect to the digital platform, resulting in savings in their money, labor, and time. The availability of Bhu Naksha Bihar Online is proving highly beneficial to the landowners in the state, as the details and maps of their land are available online on the government web portal. This prevents any land mafia from making false claims on their property. Additionally, through the land map Bihar, transparency is emerging in the dealings related to land in the state.

Benefits and Features of Bhu Naksha Bihar

  • The Revenue Department of Bihar is providing the convenience of viewing Bihar land maps online to its citizens through Bhu Naksha Bihar.
  • To facilitate this online service, the National Informatics Centre has developed the web application
  • Through this web application, landowners can view the maps of their plots and fields, along with details such as the owner’s name, plot area, plot number, and land classification, all within just 5 minutes from the comfort of their homes.
  • With Bhu Naksha Bihar being available on the government web application, it has become even more secure, and the application is updated in real-time.
  • Since the introduction of this facility, citizens of the state are no longer required to visit tehsils, patwaris, or government offices repeatedly to view land maps.
  • This has led to significant time and cost savings for landowners, and it has curbed the practice of bribery that was prevalent in Bihar’s government offices for displaying land maps.
  • Furthermore, this online service plays a crucial role in preventing land mafias from making false claims on people’s property.
  • The transparency and accessibility provided by Bhu Naksha Bihar contribute to a more efficient and corruption-free process in dealing with land-related matters in the state.

How to view Bhu Naksha Bihar online?

For anyone in Bihar who wishes to view the land map (Bhu Naksha) of their property online, they can easily follow the step-by-step process provided below. The procedure is as follows:

  • Start by visiting the Official Website of Bhu Naksha Bihar.
  • Once there, the homepage of the website will open up.
  • On the left side of the homepage, you will need to enter information such as district, subdivision, block, village, type, and sheet.
  • After entering all the details, on the right side, the land map will be displayed along with information related to the land.
  • Next, click on the option for the LMP Report.
  • As soon as you click on this option, the next page will open up, presenting you with comprehensive information related to the land and the land map.
  • If you wish to download this map, you can do so by clicking on the download icon provided above. In this way, you can view Bhu Naksha Bihar.

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How to see the land map of Bihar?

How to see your land in Bihar?

To access the website, go to Step 02 – Once the website is open, you will find the option “View Jamabandi Register” right on the home page. Select it.

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